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Our Mission: To bring like-minded homebrewers, home wine vintners, and home mead/cider makers from the borderline counties of Northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan together in the pursuit and enjoyment of all things fermented.
We typically meet at members homes in the Beecher/Florence/Iron Mountain region monthly to socialize and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Our #1 goal is to educate you to promote greater knowledge and appreciation of fermented beverages.
TCF promotes responsible drinking encourages the use of a designated driver. Please stay safe so that you can live to ferment another day!

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 29th Christmas Party

To avoid the busy Holiday season, TCF will be holding their annual Christmas Party/Secret Santa Bomber Giveway a bit early this year.   We will meet next week Thursday, November 29th at the Elks Club in Iron Mountain at 6pm.
The Elks is across the street from Walgreens and will have a spaghetti supper for only $8.
We are allowed to bring in samples as long as we follow the Michigan law for limited samples to 3 ounces (beer) and 2 ounces (wine/mead/cider) as long as we patronize the club. 
For those of you the are not familiar with our Christmas tradition, each member brings a bomber of beer (or other fermented beverage) and wraps it for a blind exchange. 
Please make room on your schedule and join us for a night of fun!