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Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Dead of Winter Stout Competition RESULTS

Here are the results of our 4th DOW Stout Competition
Total Entries: 19
1ST PLACE: Al Ewan, Rhinelander, TCF/BIER
Banana Rye Stout
2ND PLACE: John Rugotzke, Rhinelander, TCF/BIER
Sour-mashed Stout with Indian Sarsaparilla
3RD PLACE:John Rugotzke, Rhinelander TCF/BIER
Smoked Imperial Stout with double bacon
Rob Hibbard, Iron Moutain, TCF
Whiskey Old Fashioned Stout*
Rob Hibbard, Iron Mountain, TCF
Hazelnut Coffee Stout*
Edward Mathis, Beecher, TCF
Imperial Stout with Rosemary and Juniper*
John Beck, Escanaba, BdNB
Candy Cane Stout
Brandon Kolbe, Appleton, ALEs
Chocolate Rye Stout
Cindy Kolbe, Appleton, ALEs
Sweet Stout with slight vanilla/coffee
Sweet Imperial Stout with hints of caramel and vanilla
Sam Hennessee, Mensha, ALEs
Toasted Pumpkin seed Stout
Milk Stout with semi-sweet chocolate
Gary Lindow, Homestead, TCF
Chocolate raspberry stout
Stout with maple syrup
Bacon Stout
John Parsons, Green Bay, Rackers
Irish Stout with Cherries and bourbon cherry bounce soaked oak
John Rugotzke, Rhinelander, TCF/BIER
Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Crème Brulee Sweet Stout
Clark Torma, Norway, TCF
Tropical Foreign Extra Stout with onion infused
*Advanced to Best of Show Round

I would like to thank all of the entrants for making this our most competitive field yet. The Best of Show panel of Josh Marenger, Cindy Kolbe, Lorena Evans, and Brian Mitchell had a very difficult time picking this year's winners. Thanks also to our other judges: Gary Lindow, Ryan Jacobson, Sam Hennessee, Tim McGuire, Trenton Rankin, and Leon Schiavo; our stewards Victoria Hennessee and Brandon Kolbe; and finally our host: Scott McGuire who yet again missed the competition!
Overall, the field was very creative this year and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with next year.

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