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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Upcoming Events

Hi all, After a bit of a summer lull, we are back with a few events.
1.August 4th (Saturday) is National Mead Day and I will be hosting a club brew and mead sampling. I'll start brewing at 10am with out usual meeting sometime after 3pm There is some road construction on County Road L (the road to get to my home) so I will provide potential alternate directions as we approach the date (my address in N16564 Vinger Lane in case you want to map it)
2.August 25th (Saturday) TCF will be serving at the Florence County Fair at the Fairgrounds in Florence on County N just south of town. The club has a 5 tap system to serve off ball lock cornies and I am looking for a few people to volunteer to serve there finest homebrew. This will be the first year that we can legally serve at the Fair (previously, we had limited samples after the Brew Masters Competition.) We will also have an informal "People's Choice" Awards. We plant to serve from 2-6 pm after the completion of the 1pm start beer run. Please email me if you would like to serve. We will give you free 2013 membership if you do donate a keg (though I doubt we'll come close to running anyone dry as we will limit samples to 2 oz.)
3. October 6 (Saturday) Two great events! First is the return (likely for the last time though you never know) of Border Worts! It turns out that I still have one set of ribbons to award. So, after hearing that the Bay de Noc Brewers were kicking around possibly doing a summer wheat beer competition (Thank you Josh and Mike for the idea) I thought I take the task on. It will be a different format to what we previously did. The concept is simple: This is the antithesis of Dead of Winter Stout. Your task (should you choose to accept it) is to make a wheat beer that would be the perfect answer to the summer heat. You can make a traditional style or in the spirit of DOW make a creative entry. What you decide is up to you. We will judge the beer based on drinkability on a hot summer day in a Best of Show format, so you will not get any formal comments. This competition is free and to kick it up a notch we have challenged the Brewing Innovators and Enthusiasts of Rhinelander and Bay de Noc Brewers. We will hold the comp at Maxsells Restaurant in Florence at 3pm and we will need judges that like to drink summer wheat beers (Let me twist your arm!) this fun event will be followed by the return of:
The Beer Pairing Dinner! Thanks to the re-legalization of homebrew transport outside of your home/farm/place of residence in Wisconsin, we will return to Maxsells with sittings at 5:30pm and 8pm. More info to come, but here is the tentative menu (Please remember that this is subject to change)
Course #1 Crabcakes with Belgian Saison
Course #2 White Chicken Chili with a Fresh-Hopped Pale Ale
Course #3 Caesar Salad with Witbier 
Course #4 Steak with Brown Ale
Course #5 Dessert with Stout
I have not completely set the brewers for this event so I won't announce anything until I have a firm lineup. But if it goes as planned this is an all-star lineup and a can't miss event.
4. Other Announcements: *Our summer special is on. For $17 you can renew your membership for 2012 and extend it to 2013. If you haven't re-upped yet, take advantage of this offer *The club is looking for hosts for November, December, and January meetings. *I have tentatively scheduled Dead of Winter for Feb 2nd and Brew Masters Competition for March 9th. Please plan your brewing schedules accordingly.
5. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

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