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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summer Wheat Beer Criteria

Hi all,
Here are the guidelines for our Summer Wheat Beer Competition being held on October 20th at MaxSells Restaurant in Florence, prior to the Beer Dinner Pairing:

AROMA: Please rate (5) Smells good and enhances the drinking experience (3) Acceptable, but unremarkable (1) Not so good, detracts from the drinking appearance
COLOR: Please rate (1) Looks like beer to me (-1) Wait a second, did you enter Berry Weiss?! CLARITY: Please rate (1) This beer is cloudy, which I would expect from wheat beer (1) excellent clarity for a wheat beer
HEAD (Retention, color, texture) : Please rate (1) Appropriate. (0) Lacking.
FLAVOR: Please rate (10) This was excellent flavor with good use of wheat and other ingredients that play nice together (8) This is better than average, but may lack slightly on the wheat flavor (6) This is about average, nothing really stands out. (4) Acceptable, but flavors do not seem to blend well together.  May be one-dimensional. (3) This beer has minor flaws that detract from the flavor (1) Fair to Poor, Off flavor detected suggesting a possible infection.
DRINKABILITY: Please rate your overall drinking pleasure (7) Extraordinary Could easily down a sixer (5) Excellent Would certainly have a few (3) Very Good Would ask for a 2nd (2) Acceptable Would stop at one (1) Deficient
CREATIVITY: Please rate the overall level of creativity of this entry (2) Good demonstration of creativity while maintaining the theme (1) This is a fairly typically beer

Please let me know if you are planning on entering.  There will be no entry forms.
I will accept growlers(1), bombers (1), or 12 ounce bottles (2).
I am also looking for 5 judges.

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